Thursday, February 26, 2015

Release Day!

Today's the day! Available now in print and ebook is the brand-new Rift Jump: Revised and Expanded Edition!

This new edition has been updated with expanded scenes, some all new scenes, deeper insights, and a richer mythology--all leading up to this summer's big release of Rift Jump, Volume 2: Sara's Song!

As part of our relaunch, starting Monday I'll be posting an all-new Rift Jump serialized story right here on this very blog--for free, yo! Be sure to come back for that.

In the meantime, read more about the Expanded Edition right here, and head out to buy your copy today! Available in printKindle, and Smashwords.

ABOUT THE BOOK: A sinister threat is growing in the void between realities, and Michael Morrison has been recruited to stop it. Ripped from his own violent life, he is sent rift jumping to other worlds, seeking out the agents of the Dark and putting them to an end by any means necessary. After rescuing restless daydreamer Sara Theresea, Michael brings her along as he battles Civil War spaceships, sea serpents, superpowered humans, and even his own duplicate from a parallel timeline. But the darkness Michael fights is growing within him too, calling him to some dark destiny. If he is to change his fate, he must learn to love and let the Man in the Stetson guide him to become the warrior of the Light he was always meant to be.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Interview at Phasmafic!

Writer and pal TW Johnson (check out his weird and creepy new ebook Othveria) has interviewed me over at his site, Phasmafic about my latest release HITMEN: Four Tales of Magick, Monsters, and Murder. It's a pretty intense interview, delving into my musings on horror, my relationship with self-publishing, but mostly about some of the more "controversial" elements of HITMEN (at least from a Christian perspective). I asked TW not to pull any punches and I think the dialogue that came out of the exchange is an important one to have. Not sure we came up with any answers, but it certainly produced some food for thought.

Head over there to check out the interview and, while you're at it, why don't you order a copy of HITMEN? It's available in print and on Kindle.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Major Announcement: "Rift Jump"--Revised and Expanded Edition!

2015 is shaping up to be a big year for me. In case you haven't heard the news, I've got my second Syfy Original Movie set to premiere this summer (more on that as we get closer to the debut). Not only that, this will be the year that I wrap up my sci-fi/action adventure Rift Jump series.

As you may or may not know, Rift Jump began as a series of stories I wrote in high school. Over the years, I added to the mythology, never intending to publish; it was simply something that amused me. But, back in 2012, I began collecting those old stories and giving them a fresh polish and the first volume of Rift Jump was published by Splashdown Darkwater.

Once I made the decision to publish Rift Jump, I knew it was going to be a two-parter. I had a very definite story that I wanted to tell, featuring my star-crossed inter-dimensional lovers, Michael and Sara. Later this year, I'll be releasing Rift Jump, Volume 2: Sara's Song (check out the sweet cover art by Thomas Mason here).

Leading up to that release will be a few surprises: the first being today's big announcement--In a few weeks, I will be re-releasing the first Rift Jump novel under my own banner, Genre Experience, and it will be a Revised and Expanded Edition! Here's your first look at the (slightly altered) cover:

"So why a new edition?" you may ask. I'm generally hesitant to re-visit my work, but in the writing of Sara's Song, I found myself taking some twists and turns I had not anticipated when writing the first book three years ago. Looking back, there were some things I wished I'd built up a little bit more in that original tale in view of what was to come in the concluding installment of Michael and Sara's journey across the multiverse. Grace (at Splashdown Darkwater) and I had been talking about moving Rift Jump over to my own line (that began with last year's release of HITMEN: Four Tales of Magick, Monsters, and Murder) and I decided that, if I were going to be making the move and creating a new edition anyway, now would be the perfect time to go in and make those subtle--but important--changes to the original book.

So what's in the new edition?  A few brand-new scenes, some expanded scenes, some expanded characters, and a richer mythology that should excite fans of The Coming Evil Trilogy... Also, the new edition will include a new introduction written by me, and conclude with an excerpt from the upcoming Sara's Song. I'm confident that, together, these two books will make a very complimentary coupling--much like the heroes whose story they tell.

What's NOT in the new edition? Sadly, to make room for the new material--and to streamline the overall product--I'm losing the appendices found in the original edition: namely the completely unmodified original "Rift Jump" short story I wrote way back in high school (it's hysterically awful :)), and bittersweetly, the humorous send-up "Rift Jump: Ninjas" written by my superbly talented wife Meghan. Cutting these was a hard decision and not made lightly, but ultimately, I feel, the right one.

All is not lost: that first edition of Rift Jump, complete with those rare short stories, will be available for just a little while longer. At least a week or so--but likely longer, until the release of the new edition. So consider this your final chance to pick up the soon-to-be-out-of-print first edition of Rift Jump from Splashdown Darkwater. You can get it in paperback or Kindle while the gettin's good.

As for the Revised and Expanded Edition, stay tuned here for the big release as well as a couple of surprises--all leading up to the end of an era (at least for me), Rift Jump, Volume 2: Sara's Song!

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Something's On the Horizon...

Got a big announcement tomorrow--here's a sneak peek:

Thursday, December 25, 2014

New Anthology Out!

I know what you're thinking. You got a little bit of cash for Christmas and you're thinking, "Greg, what do I do with this?" Well, I'll tell you :) Just in time for Christmas, the new superhero vs monster (in this case, robots) anthology Metahumans vs Robots from Lion's Share Press has invaded Kindle.

I'm excited to see this anthology hit the streets as it features my short story "A Whole Other Animal" starring my own superhero creation Light Sphere. Light Sphere played a minor role in my 2012 sci-fi actioner Rift Jump and has a cameo in the next (and final) Rift Jump adventure. And speaking of Rift Jump, only a couple days ago I wrote those blessed words "The End", signaling the end of Rift Jump, Volume 2: Sara's Song. Sure, there's editing to be done, but the book is written.

I started writing Rift Jump (and Light Sphere, for that matter) stories back in junior high/high school, and to wrap up the adventures of Michael and Sara in Sara's Song about 20 years later was bittersweet. It's a massive tome and a wild, emotional ride through the multiverse and I can't wait for you to check it out. But that's next year. In the meantime, pick up your copy of Metahumans vs Robots and follow Light Sphere on a darker, more introspective adventure. I've got at least one more Light Sphere story lined up in another monster-fightin' anthology, so stay tuned for that.

Merry Christmas and thank you for all the support throughout the years. As a parting gift, in case you missed it last week, here is the epic cover art for the upcoming Rift Jump, Volume 2: Sara's Song as done by Thomas Mason!

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Coming in 2015!

Season's Greetings, yo! Where has the year gone?

Lookin' around the blog these days and things are lookin' pretty sparse, but fret not. Things are hopping over here. I've got a handful of short stories due out any minute now in some fantastic trades, and I've written (and, this month, gone to the set of) my second Syfy Original Movie, slated to air next summer. It has been a crazy time with deadlines, notes, and rewrites, but in the midst of it, I'm still plugging away on next year's big novel release: Rift Jump Volume 2: Sara's Song! Not ready to say too much about it yet, but, seeing as how it's Christmas and all, I'm putting on my Santa hat and bringing you this exclusive cover art for the new book, as done by comic book artist Thomas Mason! Behold!

Cover Art for "Rift Jump Volume 2: Sara's Song"--art by Thomas Mason
I've been working on this bad boy for a couple years now and it's shaping up to be an insane ride through the multiverse. More monsters, heroes, aliens, and worlds-shattering events than you can shake a stick at! I'm nearing the finish line and even though I've had the major outline of this story in my head for fifteen years, it continues to surprise me. Lots of twists and turns. A lot of fun.

"But what's Rift Jump?" you might ask.

Rift Jump is my 2012 sci-fi/action novel, released by Splashdown Darkwater. It tells the story of lone inter-dimensional traveler Michael Morrison as he seeks to eradicate the servants of the enigmatic "Rage" that exists in the void In-Between the worlds of the multiverse. Michael's battle is two-fold as he's also been called by the Rage to lead Its army of monsters. Burdened by his dark destiny and his own sinister impulses, Michael eventually shares the weight of his quest with Sara Theresea, a fearful girl who reminds Michael of his long lost innocence--but is also a painful reminder of Michael's darkest secret. The two fall recklessly in love and set off across the multiverse, battling monsters and aliens, while also trying to overcome their own insecurities and personal demons.

Really, you should just go buy and read it, right? After all, it's available in print and Kindle!

Rift Jump Volume 2: Sara's Song is the direct follow-up, and will also conclude the series, but I'm making sure we go out with a bang. Volume 1 was, in many respects, a prologue to the Rift Jump story that I've always wanted to tell, and Volume 2 hits the ground running.

Not only does Sara's Song serve as a time-bending finale to the Rift Jump sequence, longtime readers will also start to see threads from my other stories--including The Coming Evil Trilogy and this year's big release HITMEN: Four Tales of Magick, Monsters, and Murder--coming together. In case you haven't noticed, I've got a mega-myth developing across all of my  novels (so far) and most of my shorter tales and, yes, we're all building towards something. Sara's Song is the key to unlocking a lot of those larger story elements and will lay the groundwork for the next original novel that I'm already knee-deep in as we speak.

Now that you're all excited, it's the perfect opportunity to get caught up! Books make great Christmas presents! :p

Sales pitch, aside, Merry Christmas, ever'body and, in case I don't see you before then, Happy New Year! 2015 is already shaping up to be a big year.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

"Snakehead Swamp" DVD Available Now--And An Announcement!

Happy October, ever'body! No secret that this is my favorite time of year. The air turns crisp, the leaves change beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow--and Halloween is finally upon us: The one night a year where everyone sees the world the way I see it all year long :p

Already this is shaping up to be an eventful October for me. The wife and kids and I made our yearly sojourn to nearby Pumpkin Hollow where we perused the pumpkin patch (no Great Pumpkin sighting as of yet, but I remain hopeful), went on a hay ride, charted the corn maze, and sampled the fine pumpkin pie cuisine with an apple cider smoothie chaser. I've got a stack of monster movies to work my way through this season, watching in a darkened living room by light of an electric jack-o'lantern. And, of course, we're all preparing for The Big Night around the Mitchell home, stocking up on candy treats to hand out to our neighbors.

On top of such seasonal goodness, today marks the street release for my first Syfy Channel Original movie--Snakehead Swamp! The killer fish flick is now for sale at Amazon (and stores, you know) and also available to rent through Redbox. You've gotta see it to believe it! To read up on the movie, read my earlier blog post.

In related news--I'm writing my second Syfy feature as we speak! It's still too early in the process to go into specifics, but I've just turned in my first draft and I'm having great fun working on it so far. The road to making a movie is a long and winding one, though, and everything is subject to change, so I can't say much with confidence right now except to say that, no, it's not a sequel to Snakehead Swamp, but a whole new concoction of B-movie terror. I hope you'll all check it out once it finally airs (sometime next year, is the current plan). More on that as soon as the red tape is lifted. But for now--top secret!

In the meantime, go and check out Snakehead Swamp, or pick up a copy of my latest monster novel release HITMEN: Four Tales of Magick, Monsters, and Murder! Both are fun treats, especially for this time of year.

But, most importantly, enjoy the Halloween season. As the wind blows cold and the days grow short, this is a perfect time to hold your loved ones close by a warm fire, share fanciful stories of mystery and suspense, and drink a nice mug of warm cider together.

Don't waste it :)